Dr. Amit Nath Mishra: Best Knee & Shoulder Replacement Surgeon

Senior Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

Consult Dr.Amit Nath Mishra for knee replacement in Delhi,Noida and hip replacement in Delhi,Noida.He is the best knee,shoulder & other joint replacement surgeon in Delhi,NCR for knee,shoulder & other joint replacement surgeries.

Dr. Amit Nath is the most renowned knee,joint replacement surgeon in Delhi,Noida having an experience of 27 years into knee, joint replacement surgeries.

Dr. Mishra is an expert in shoulder replacement surgery & is the best shoulder replacement surgeon in Noida. He is expert in handling cases related to rotator cuff treatment & frozen shoulder treatment. Hundreds of cases of shoulder dislocations & instability have been performed by him in Delhi & Noida.

Dr. Amit Nath MIshra is the shoulder specialist in Delhi NCR.

Consult Dr Mishra for Arthoscopy of shoulder in Delhi,Noida.

Rotator Cuff tear treatment in Delhi, Noida.

Shoulder fractures & shoulder replacement surgery in Delhi, Noida.

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